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Custom App Development

Our experts are passionate about creating awesome applications crafted just for your business! We specialize in tailoring unique applications that are built to address myriad requirements of your business process. We’ve built hundreds of custom apps on the Zoho Creator platform following our ‘Inclusive App Development Process’. From need assessment till deployment, our experts turn your ideas into beautiful applications.

Our Process

Step 1


Understanding what the business ‘Wants’ and finding out what the business ‘Needs’, is the first step towards creating a robust system that supports the present business process while having enough bandwidth for accommodating future growth. So, the first step is to analyze your requirements fully. Our experts do this by understanding your business process, identifying pain points as well as aspirations, and then finalizing the project requirements.

Step 2


Once the requirement is defined, our experts design the solution architecture that maps the business process and shows the flow of data via a mind map tool. We present the solution to you, take your inputs and once the solution is finalized, we prepare the technical specifications, budget estimate, and project timeline. We present the same to you and on your approval get started!

Step 3


We follow an inclusive implementation process to build the application. This means, once we start building the solution, our team gets together with you at regular intervals to show the progress, take input and plan the next plan of action. This way, you not only have a complete idea about where the project stands but also have a crystal clear understanding of how the solution works and why. This, in turn, reduces reworks and improves adoption significantly.

Step 4

Test and Deliver

Once the solution is ready, we test it extensively internally. What’s more, once we’ve deployed the solution, we walk your team members through the app. They can now test the system at their end and share their feedback and inputs. If needed, we’ll make modifications to improve the solution based on the inputs. Finally, the system is ready and we deliver the project!

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